Bacteria Fungi Nematodes Protozoa Earthworms Micro-arthropods… does this sound familiar ? if not these are the innumerable creatures that thrive in Soil, more in a teaspoon of soil than human beings on Earth, At TBOF (Two Brothers Organic Farms) we ensure these micro organisms have a gala time in our Soils, we preserve and let them thrive ensuring nothing harms them No Chemicals No Pesticides No Synthetic fertilisers and No heavy Mechanical Instruments used on the Soil.

Cows are Wows, 75 Gir Variety Indian Indigenous (Desi) Cows have made TBOF their Home and they ensure a continuous supply of these microorganisms.

We were born out of the passion and an innate interest to Protect and Enrich our Soils, to increase Biodiversity and make Farming Sustainable along with producing Nutritious Healthy natural food. We are a Social for Profit Farm.

Two Brands take our products to customers Amorearth - 100% Certified Organic and 100% Chemical Residue Free Fruit Vegges and Food.

Freshura - Farm to Shelf Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

This Heaven on Earth is in a lovely village Bhodani, Taluka Indapur, District Pune, Maharashtra India. See you here soon !!