We tender with Love Orchards of Pomegranate, Drumsticks, Papaya, and various Lentils and Legumes.

TBOF has enrolled with the French Hq Ecocert for an 100% Certified Organic farm and we have been issued the Scope Certificate from Ecocert.

All the farming we do stands on 5 basic principles

  • Desi Cow Dung and Urine Slurry - The desi cows dung and urine is a potent powerhouse of innumerable beneficial Bacteria and other microorganisms that liven up the Soil they are applied to, these microorganisms play their part in nature and make available all the Macro and Micro nutrients present in abundance in the Soil hence negating the demand for using Synthetic Fertlizers and Chemicals, the focus being on increasing the immune of the plant naturally and as Nature intended.
  • Organic Mulching- We mulch all the open spaces and rows where there are no plants with Organic material like dried leaves and twigs this helps in retaining water that is normally lost through evaporation, forms a cosy place for microorganisms to hide and grow and maintains ambient temperature for their survival, the Soil is protected from being degraded by Wind, Water and Sun. Don't we all like cosy and warm houses similarly do the microorganisms and we help build these for them.
  • Intercropping - Monoculture is boring and monotonous, plants grow best when they are amongst a variety of other plants and do not compete for food or water in fact they live symbiotically and help each other grow fully, various kinds of birds and flora and fauna ensure natural pest control and nutrient management. We grow Pomegranate with Drumsticks, Pigeon Pea and a number of indigenous legumes and pulses. Biodiversity Wins.
  • Non GMO - We trust the laboratory of our planet Earth and the seeds that have evolved through time, their nutritional value unchallenged and their robustness unmatched. We use only indigenous seeds and plants that have not been Genetically Modified.
  • Wind Breakers - We have planted tall growing trees on the borders along with Blueberry that act like a natural compound and Wind Breaker helping preserve Moisture and Carbon Di Oxide in the soil, this means less water infrastructure and less water consumption, these trees also act as homes for many species of birds.