Our cofounding Farmer Satyajit delivered a lecture on the importance of Organic Farming to farmers (Krushi unnati shendriya sheti gat) in Shelgaon village Indapur Taluka District Pune. Organised by Govt of Maharashtra Dept of Agriculture.

Shelgaon is a very prosperous village and has close to 5000 acres of Pomegranate.

If only one village like Shelgaon can turn Organic imagine 5000 acres of soil is saved close to 500000 lac tonnes of Pomegranate is chemical free and in turn can benefit 5 lac consumers.

These villages were one of the first in the state to farm orchards like Pomoergrante , custard apple (sitaphal) and then witness the harmful effects of chemical fertilisers, soil depletion , insect and pest attacks.

With a drop in productivity, and Bacteria blight (Telya) causing mass infestation and chemicals being a costly affair. It is now unsustainable to continue farming with chemical/synthetic fertilisers.

Amidst the cold night, on the cold floor you could find this group alight with one idea - ORGANIC SUSTAINABLE FARMING

We addressed a gathering of farmers, farmer associations through a rural NGO that works for small and marginal farmers in Shevgaon, Pathardi in the Ahmednagar district. We shared the experiments in our farm and understanding of Microbiologyin the soil, intercropping, mulching and a host of other practices followed .

This NGO was an initiative by a group of youngsters now settled in Pune and other towns, with a strong urge to contribute back to the farming community.

We continue to support and empower such causes. organic farming, soil heath and sustainability

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We had farmers from Beed District, Mazalgaon taluka at our farms yesterday, a day spent in learning our practices and experiencing what we do.
We conducted a practical workshop for over 3 hours for Farmers from Indapur taluka Nimgaon Ketaki Atma group, Maharashtra state.

  • Desi Cow and making of slurry rich in indigenous micro organisms
  • Intercropping with Pomogranite and it's importance
  • Organic Mulching and it's importance with practical demonstration
  • Polycropping and it's advantages
  • Packaging, branding and marketing
  • Organic Certification process
  • Water management and harvesting
Farmers from Nimgaon Ketaki AATMA group visit TBOF for their closing class on Organic Pomegranate spearheaded by Govt of Maharashtra Dept of Agriculture.
Sakal Media Pragati Supplement covers Two Brothers Organic Farms on How we Farm Organically and the efforts we have taken to Market this healthy food to consumers.
Our cofounding Farmer Satyajit Had the pleasure to share his know-how and experiments on Organic Farming with an enthusiastic group of pro organic Farmers arranged by the Govt of Maharashtra Dept of Agriculture at Nimgaon Ketaki Taluka Indapur District PUNE fondly called Farm Schools (Sheti Shala) very near to the farm.

Indapur Taluka is one of the most irrigated Taluka's in Maharashtra but due to excessive monocropping especially Sugarcane and excessive use of Synthetic fertilizer and pesticides the land has lost its fertility tremendously and Farmers are now facing an upheaval task controlling pests and improving productivity, Organic Farming is the only way that will help increase fertility of our Soils and help feed poison free food to our consumers.

TBOF Co-Founding Farmer Ajinkya Hange addressed and lectured a gathering of 50 ATMA - PGS Farmer groups who represent 2500 Organic Farmers across Pune District. Organised by the Maharashtra Govt Department of Agriculture.
Cofounding Farmer Satyajit with visiting farmers during a practical workshop
CoFounding Farmer Ajinkya delivering a lecture to progressive farmers on the Topic Drumsticks Cultivation and Export Programme at SILC (Sakaal International Learning Centre) Pune.